CV. Wahyu Atsirindo was established in Bekiring village, Pulung, Ponorogo. Starting from 10 hectares of clove plantation in 1977, this company then developed into essential oil distillery by exploiting the products of its own plantation or of the surrounding villagers using raw materials such as clove leaves, stems, and buds.

Based on the experience of managing its plantation and unceasing developments of refining techniques, this company has finally succeeded to develop essential oils with quality approved by international market, such as : Citronella oil, Patchouli oil, Kaffir Lime oil, etc.

Hard work, high commitment and dedication have made Wahyu Atsirindo own 4 locations essential oil distillery with total of 12 units of distillery equipments having production capacity of 90-100 tons/year. The products are supplied to several big exporters in Indonesia and also directly exported to some Asian countries.

Further, Wahyu Atsirindo also has a trading division that handles import of various of extracts and essential oil to fulfill the demand of cosmetic, spa, incense companies, etc.

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